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 Avidan Cohen  naturopath and herbalist

has 15 years of experience in treating a wide variety of health problems, successfully treating dozens of patients each year

Avidan is a registered member of the Israeli Naturopathy Association and a Graduate of the four-year program for the complementary medicine studies at Seminar Ha-kibbutzim,  under the general auspices of Complementary Medicine.

In the past, Avidan was a chief naturopath at Clalit Health clinics, as well as, an academic lecturer in naturopathy and herbs  and an intern guide at Seminar Ha-kibbutzim.

Natural, personal treatment, for the whole individual, not just for symptoms

  • Diagnosis - Identifying the root of the problem to formulate a basis for treatment.  This comprehensive diagnosis takes into account every aspect of the person, including his/her medical conditions, habits and general lifestyle. ​

  • Treatment -  Tailoring a unique course of treatment for each patient through balanced nutrition, herbs and setting an intention for a healthy and holistic lifestyle. ​

  • Guidance -  Paying attention to symptoms in the short term, and creating the elements necessary to balance the body and maintain health in the long run.

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למי מיועד
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?Who is eligible for treatment

People in every stage of life have the potential to find the best herbal and nutritional treatment suitable for them. It is possible! It's within reach

  • Treating common issues like obesity, anxiety and fatigue.

  • ​​Care and guidance for a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet at all stages of life (adolescence, pregnancy, menopause, old age).

  • ​​Accompanying athletes for rehabilitation and utilization of physical abilities.

  • Treatment for chronic diseases like diabetes, fibromyalgia, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, hormonal dysregulations, hypertension.

  • In addition - Guidance and accompaniment  for therapists, as well as, lectures and workshops on achieving healthy lifestyles.  

המסגרת הטיפולית


sessions are held face to face In the clinic or in the format of online appointments (via Zoom / WhatsApp)
  • Patient will fill out a health questionnaire prior to the meeting.
  • Diagnosis session and creating a treatment plan suited for the individual. The session will last about an hour as it will be based on comprehensive questioning and interpreting the medical results. We will talk about nutrition, routines, issues and goals we would like to set for improvement. After diagnostics, we will put together a personal nutritional menu that will include herbs, supplements and more recommendations for recovery and improving your personal well being.
  • Follow-up sessions are so I could examine in depth the progress of treatment by comparing indices and symptoms, consider further changes if necessary and provide you with comprehensive support, additional recommendations and guidelines. ​​
  • Between follow ups, you can contact me for advice and inquires by email/SMS. Available on Sundays-Thursdays between the hours of 8:00-20:00.  
  • Costs: Diagnosis and plan adjustment meeting- 700 NIS, Follow-up Meeting- 400 NIS.


  • "Dear Avidan, Wow what a path... no words to thank you for such a special treatment. You are professional, responsible, attentive, sensitive, dedicated, and most of all you are an address for me for anything and everything, at any time. With your help I succeeded at being attentive to myself and pinpointing the best nutritional solutions for me. Trusting the treatment,  believing in you, and appreciating you very much." - Sharon​
  • "A positive person, the most important trait, and a high level professional. I wish you could be multiplied." - Rachel​​
  • "A very professional, patient and attentive person. No. 1!" - Orel​
  • "Know what you need and there are the results." - Roy​
  • "Avidan. First of all, a pleasant man, with superior listening abilities, and with the ability of adapting himself to the customer (from personal experience). In the last two years with Avidan's help and guidance I went through a wonderful process of getting to know myself, and I adopted a very healthy lifestyle. I will conclude and say that dear Avidan was necessarily a cornerstone in reaching my happiness. So thank you." - Etan​
  • "Avidan is a true, attentive, patient professional. My quality of life has greatly improved thanks to him. Highly recommend."  -  Etti​
  • "Amazing attentive full of willingness to help and support and shows results. Highly recommended." - Ortal​​
  • "Helped me for years, he's the best!" - Shir​
  • "A professional with extensive knowledge in his field and pleasant demeanor. Always explains pleasantly and answers any question."   -  Mazal
צור קשר


Reception and response hours: Sunday-Thursday 8:00-20:00

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The Clinic in Yavne

The clinic is a 2 min drive from the Yavneh Interchange on the coastal road and a 10 min walk from Yavne West train station

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